Friday, 13 February 2015

This week's favourites!

Happy Friday the 13th! It’s funny, I wouldn’t normally notice the significance of the date, but it’s really grey here in Glasgow today and I’m expecting to hear back about my finance test results so I’m really feeling it today…

I seem to be getting more into the idea of updating this blog, any time I’m out or doing something I wonder if it’s worthy of writing a post about it. The last few days I’ve seen or bought little things that I’ve thought I could post about but it ended up not really being enough to write a whole post on, so I’ve decided on doing something different… A list of my favourite things this week :) (original, I know. Just go with it haha)

So, without further ado…

1. Lush Lip Scrub (Bubblegum)

My friend introduced me to this – I get really dry, cracked lips during winter no matter how much lip balm I get through, so she let me try out hers and it was so good that I had to go get my own! It’s a little pot small enough to carry around in your bag, and contains caster sugar and jojoba oil. You just use it like you would an exfoliator for your face, except – and this is probably my favourite part – because it’s sugar, you lick it off and the oil stays to moisturise your lips. It tastes so good!

2. Lush Bath Ballistic (Granny Takes a Dip and Dragon’s Egg)

My parents were out visiting me this week, so because they were in a hotel it meant that I could come and visit and use the bath there… university hall problems. Of course, the first thing I did was run down the street to Lush (literally, I was so excited) to buy one of their bath bombs which I love love love. The first one I picked up was Granny Takes a Dip (to the left), which smelled amazing, I don’t know how to explain it other than like a sherbet-y sweet? The colours were also so cute, all pinks and blues and greens and the water ended up a dark pink colour which totally bought me in. I was too eager to use this one to take my own photo, so I’ve used a stock one haha. I also got a second one, Dragon’s Egg (for a second bath, obviously – need to make the most of it), which was a little less mad but gave a really nice lemony smell and released a white foam, which then ended up orange and the water was all glittery which would usually annoy me but this was really cute... That one I did get a photo of! (right)

3. This cupcake

How cute is this!? I met my mum between classes yesterday and she suggested getting a cake from Greggs, which I usually wouldn’t go into just cause I’m not a big fan of shop-bought cakes (it’s the baking soda I don’t like, I’m not a cake snob!), but I saw this cake literally smiling at me and it was way too cute to not pick up. It made me smile anyway!

4. Yankee Candle (Vanilla Cupcake)

I remember when I was little, my mum would always be ordering off QVC and one product that would be all over the house was Yankee Candle. Obviously when you’re like 5 you’re not very interested in how good candles smell, so I haven’t really got into them until recent years haha. My favourite of all time has to be Christmas Cookie, but it’s obviously a seasonal one so I always have to stock up to try and make them last the whole year. For some reason though, I never noticed until the other day that Vanilla Cupcake gives off almost the same scent? Maybe it’s just me who smells it that way, but anyway it is amazing and I actually had to go on a quest just to find someone with matches who could light it for me the other day… I had to get someone to light it while they were standing outside their flat for a cigarette, I was that won over by it. This was at 11pm, by the way. Not even ashamed.

… and I think that’s it! I could probably go on to be honest, but this post is getting pretty long and I salute you if you’ve actually made it to the end haha


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