Thursday, 5 February 2015


Do you ever have so many good intentions, thinking you’ll get so much done, and then you get to a point and realise you’re getting nowhere?

I was so determined that I was going to get this blog up and running and taken seriously, and that I shall do… I just need to shift so much stuff out of the way first! I feel like I haven’t written on this for ages, and it has pretty nearly been a month which feels like such a fail – I just didn’t realise how much work I’d be coming back to when I went back to uni! I’d planned so much while I was at home for the next few months, the main one being to find a job… then I got back and realised no way was that going to happen. But I will definitely get back into this!

(This post is the first tick off a very long to-do list, but I’ll try!)


*EDIT* I just looked back and realised my last post was actually a month ago today! Even worse!

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