Monday, 9 March 2015

Long time no blog...

It’s been nearly a month since my last post… I feel so bad!

To be fair, it’s been a mad month of no sleep, stress and feeling like I’m ready to rip my hair out… but I think I’ve just about made it out okay!

University’s starting to wrap things up so the workload has increased like 100x, which has pretty much been the entire cause of the stress, but me and my friends have also been freaking out about finding a place for next year. We’re all in student halls just now seeing as we’re in first year, but we really wanted to find a flat of our own for next year, so we’ve spent weeks searching for somewhere. We had a flat viewing on Friday at one that we really, REALLY wanted, which I was going to put on here but I didn’t want to jinx it… But we got it!!

This is the living room - isn’t it so cute!? I’m determined that we’re having a vintage themed living room, not sure how everyone else feels about that but I really think the windows would suit it. Gaaah I’m just so happy right now. It was a really panicky situation cause there was a load of us all after it, but we’ve said that we’ll move in next month so we’re all just so relieved that we’ve secured somewhere.

That’s literally all I’ve done the last few weeks, so it’s a really short post for now but I figured I should update where I’ve been!


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