Monday, 5 January 2015

Bomb Cosmetics!

I’ve been so so excited to use these!

I’ve had sensitive skin since I was little, so I was never allowed to use bath bombs or fancy gels or anything like that (sad times). But it looks like since I’ve hit adulthood my skin’s decided to lay off and give me a break, which means that I’m finally able to catch up on these things!

One of my friends got me a Bomb Cosmetics Rockin’ Robin gift set for Christmas. It came in the cutest wrapping paper with robins in Santa hats, but I was too excited to see what was inside to actually get a picture of it all first… I at least remembered to get a photo of the actual products!

The set comes contains:

Rockin' Robin Blaster
Snowflakes on Your Tongue Mallow
Plum Berry Crush soap
Seasons Tweetings Mallow
Glitterballs Creamer

... and they’re all so cute! They’re not as colourful as the bombs you get in other places such as Lush, but they smell so good and they make the bath all glittery – glitter can never be a bad thing! The only one I'm not sure about is the bigger one in the top right of the photo - it smells of a cocoa/chocolatey scent, so I'm not sure if that one will be too sickening or not. They also pass the sensitive skin test, so I’m really happy with these :)

I’m definitely going to buy some more of this sort of thing while I’m at home – the student halls I live in have a tiny “shower” i.e. a corner of the bathroom sectioned off with a shower curtain, so I’m making the most of having a bath here!


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tweeting and stuff

If I'm doing this, I'm doing it properly!

I've now got a Twitter account to go with the blog - follow me if you want! You don't have to, but, y'know...

(Someone already took "hannnxo" as a username, an egg from 2010 who hasn't posted yet! Gutted.)



Happy 2015! I really should have made this post four days ago, but I was too busy sitting on the couch eating every last chocolate I received at Christmas and dreading the day when normality would come back.

That day appears to be tomorrow… at least, for everyone else, it seems to be the day to return to work, school, college etc… I’ve turned out to be one of the lucky ones, who’ve managed to come into their first year of uni and avoid exams. My Christmas holidays don’t come to an end until the 26th! But I've finished all the selection boxes, so I decided I should maybe switch off from holiday mode too. You know, just to make it fair.

On the title of my post, I was thinking back the other day on previous new years, where I’ve said to myself the usual “okay, it’s a new year, it’s a new start, and this will be the year where everything falls into place”. To be honest, I can’t think of any particular resolutions that I said I’d do and then stuck to. I don’t think I’ve ever taken it seriously, and so I wasn’t going to go for anything. But then I thought, I have this blog now! I could make a list of (achievable) goals, and then come back to this post on the 31st December 2015, and see what I’ve managed to do, or most likely if I’ve even made an effort to attempt them…

2014 was definitely a good year – there’s not many years where I’ve been really sad to them go, but I actually felt quite sad when the bells brought in the new year this time round! I finished school, passed my driving test, passed my exam results and started university – it’s been mad and scary, but it’s been the first time I can genuinely say that I was quite proud of myself.

So, for 2015, and considering what mindset I took on last year to see myself achieve those things, I’ve devised this list:

Be positive. 
Don’t listen to those who tell you you can’t or won’t achieve something. Negative comments seem to shoot me down really easily, and I find it hard to rise back from them. Just don’t give them the chance to make them!

Don’t burn yourself out.
I have this awful habit of not bothering about something important for as long as I can, and then when I have a small amount of time left I suddenly realise how much I have to do and I work myself up to the point where I’m having some sort of breakdown (a la final exams). I need to learn to give myself time to do things that need doing!

Do something for yourself sometimes. 
Another habit, but this one isn’t as bad. I tend to do things because I know it will make someone else happy, or because I’m scared that they’ll look down on me for not doing what they wanted. There’s been so many times that I’ve maybe spent money on something because someone’s said it would be great and it really wasn’t, or I’ve taken them somewhere but I haven’t enjoyed myself cause they weren’t, even though I have to do the same thing when they want to go places. I need to just listen to what I want sometimes too!

Stop worrying. 
This one might be a little harder – I’m a worrier, big time. My new car has the reverse gear in a different position on the gear stick to the old one and it’s harder to get into; I will genuinely want to cry if I meet a car on the road and have to reverse for them. I need to stop getting worked up about tiny things that have no real impact on anyone lives. The other car can reverse for me! Hell yeah!

Attend a (proper) music festival. 
I went to Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow Green last May, and it was one of the best days ever. But you only get tickets for one day, so this year I want to do it properly and go a whole weekend at one, with tents and mud and everything. Me and my boyfriend have tickets to T in the Park this summer, so really this one is already going to be achieved, but hey I could break my leg or something before we go so it’s in here okay

Remember to keep your diary up to date! 
When I left home for university, my parents gave me a really cute diary from Paperchase so I could write down everything I got up to and look back on it when I’m older and reminisce on a time where I was young, free, and in debt due to student loans. It started off fine, as in there’s a good load of information about what happened during Fresher’s week, but I keep forgetting to sit down every so often and write in it since then. I need to start again!

I think they’re straightforward enough! I’m not one of those people who go “I must get into the gym”, but I think these goals will make my year and me better off!