Monday, 5 January 2015

Bomb Cosmetics!

I’ve been so so excited to use these!

I’ve had sensitive skin since I was little, so I was never allowed to use bath bombs or fancy gels or anything like that (sad times). But it looks like since I’ve hit adulthood my skin’s decided to lay off and give me a break, which means that I’m finally able to catch up on these things!

One of my friends got me a Bomb Cosmetics Rockin’ Robin gift set for Christmas. It came in the cutest wrapping paper with robins in Santa hats, but I was too excited to see what was inside to actually get a picture of it all first… I at least remembered to get a photo of the actual products!

The set comes contains:

Rockin' Robin Blaster
Snowflakes on Your Tongue Mallow
Plum Berry Crush soap
Seasons Tweetings Mallow
Glitterballs Creamer

... and they’re all so cute! They’re not as colourful as the bombs you get in other places such as Lush, but they smell so good and they make the bath all glittery – glitter can never be a bad thing! The only one I'm not sure about is the bigger one in the top right of the photo - it smells of a cocoa/chocolatey scent, so I'm not sure if that one will be too sickening or not. They also pass the sensitive skin test, so I’m really happy with these :)

I’m definitely going to buy some more of this sort of thing while I’m at home – the student halls I live in have a tiny “shower” i.e. a corner of the bathroom sectioned off with a shower curtain, so I’m making the most of having a bath here!



  1. What an absolutely lovely set! I adore everything in Lush and this looks gorgeous *-*

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  3. I think the little robins make it! :)

    - I made a mistake in my first comment and tried to edit it, I need to get the hang of this haha